This Is Hot, What [Nappy DJ Needles Blend]

by Camp Lo X Bobby $hmurda

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The verses of Camp Lo's 1996 masterpiece "Luchini" over Bobby $hmurda's 2014 club banger "Hot N***a"

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"Classic old school meets new school on this latest creation courtesy of Nappy DJ Needles. As the esteemed DJ/Producer was able to mash up Camp Lo's 1996, hip-hop classic "Luchini," alongside Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N****" into one clean mashup."

"Today, we came across this amazing blend of Camp Lo's breakout hit “Luchini AKA This Is It,” from their 1997 album Uptown Saturday Night, and the GS9 general Bobby Shmurda‘s song “Hot Nigga.” The blend was put together by Nappy DJ Needles, and is very smooth to say the least. Sonny and Geetchi’s vocals sound like they were meant for the Jahlil Beats production."

"Sounds like a odd combination to put together, but DJ Needles is back with “This Is Hot, What”, giving us the Nappy DJ Needles Blend of the two sounds, creating something original, unique and quite infectious.
The track is a brilliant mash up of Camp Lo’s 1996, hip-hop classic “Luchini,” alongside Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N****” into one clean combination. The unique piece is definitely something to check out."

"As usual, the STL phenom has come up with another creative idea that makes you wish you’d thought of it first. Placing 90s rap acapellas over trap beats creates fresh versions of our classics yet also provides incentive for the next generation to peep our jams. In addition, it gives DJs the ability to slip some Hip Hop in while the boppers remain entertained with familiar beats. Kudos to DJ Needles for another creative endeavor."

"Nappy DJ Needles is back with another sick ass blend. This time the man behind “A Tribe Called Kast” and other dope ish cooks up a hot blend of Camp Lo’s “Luchini” over Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N*gga” produced by Jahlil Beats. Not only is it right in the pocket, their voices go PERFECTLY with the sounds in the beat"

"In an amazing mix between the old and the new, Nappy DJ Needles mixes Bobby Shmurda‘s hit track, Hot Nigga, with one of Hip Hop’s most classic tracks, Luchini, by Camp Lo. Before you think that this would not work, listen to it and let the fire burn your speakers into some ashes."

"This is a dope blend of last year’s surprise monster hit that refuses to die ‘Hot N***a’ from incarcerated rapper Bobby Shmurda, along with the timeless hip hop classic ‘Luchini’ from Camp Lo."

The artists, and the two songs are decades apart, but this mash-up makes the two work perfectly together … ridiculous..."

"Thank you 1000 times for this blend, Nappy DJ Needles. The timeless lyricism display by Camp lo on “luchini” coupled with the certified banger beat from “Hot” by Bobby $hmurda. I always wanted to see some of the great beats today married to true lyricism rather than the weak chanting and window dressing that just adds enough to the track for dancers and mind numbing pop radio. This is how it should be done. Instant classic…ENJOY!"

"The hottest DJ blend this year so far...My big bro, and OG in the game, Nappy DJ Needles has put himself on the map with this one."

"Nappy DJ Needles has been on a tear these past few weeks, mashing up classics with modern hits. This blend of Camp Lo's "Luchini" with Bobby $hmurda is ear gold."


released January 29, 2015



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